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It was clear, throughout this publication, how necessary it is to offer to each of us, beyond gender, personal health or age of the person to have a comfortable bathroom, functional and above all safe, for the whole family.

Especially in the home environment, certainly less "defined" in terms of legislation, where family members of different generations live together with different degrees of autonomy, every detail of the bathroom should be taken care of to ensure maximum tranquility and well-being.

For this reason, integrating and transcending what are the simplest devices such as grab bars and immediate supports, seats for the bathtub and shower, anti-slip inside devices inside the bathtub, shower and floors, there are many innovative solutions, unfortunately still not very widespread and well-known within the reach of anyone who wants to feel good inside the bathroom.

We are talking, for example, of shower boxes with double shutters, which allows the washing of not self-sufficient people (children, elderly or disabled) from the outside without getting fully wet during the assistance. Although, when closed , ensuring all the beauty of a glass shower cubicle. Or sanitaryware (toilet and bidet) whose higher standard dimensions facilitate the movement of sitting and rising to taller or older people.

We should also talk about soft washbasins in polyurethane polyurethane and of bath accessories in soft gel, colorful and cheerful, which limit the damage caused by collisions with surfaces and blunt materials.


And yet, many proposals and alternative solutions to the traditional bathtub, into which entering and coming out, has always a high percentage of risk of falling: therefore a bathtub with the door and the seat, to make independent again who had to give up their moment of relaxation in the bathtub, or the the paneling of the bathtub corner with new and elegant solutions in acrylic stone with a wide choice of finishes and colors that allow you to easily replace the bathtub with a more functional shower.

From these few explanatory information you can figure out how many steps ahead have been made ​​in the field of Design for All in relation to the home environment in general and in particular to the house bathroom.

The design has become cross, no longer focused on solving a problem, but "re-thought" in terms of materials, changing perspectives and practical help to the personal well-being.

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