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What are the most frequent risk of accidents in the bathroom:

High risk of slipping (due to wet floors, non-slip materials, lack of supports, etc).

Risk of scalding (when the water temperature exceeds for whatever reason the safety threshold you may risk deep burns, especially in the most sensitive and delicate skins - children and the elderly).

Risk of shocks /trauma/cuts against blunt objects (because sometimes the spaces of the bathrooms are not optimized as for the other rooms, you may run into serious problems caused by a collision against materials in the bathroom - ceramic /sharp edges/glass, etc)

Danger of electric shock (caused by the use of electrical appliances during common operations such as washing/personal hygiene).

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After the kitchen, the bathroom is considered to be the most risky environment for scalding accidents. For example, hot drinks are the main cause of burns in young children, and the second are the baths in very hot water (see 6): in fact, perhaps not everyone is aware of the fact that already at 45°C the water delivered can cause burns even to skins considered healthy. You can imagine how this temperature can cause damage to delicate skin of children or elderly or debilitated people. For this, it is increasingly promoted the installation in domestic and public bathrooms of thermostatic mixing valves that regulate at a predetermined value the water temperature. Here are some indications from the pages of the website Superabile (ed. INAIL) (see 7).

The logic that follows this solution is to fulfill at the same time the requirements of environmental comfort, safety, energy saving, according to the philosophy of Universal Design. Indeed, this device can be useful to all and especially to children, to the elderly and to people with disabilities (for example, some people with reduced temperature sensitivity, or people with cognitive problems).
So, in addition to ensuring maximum comfort, energy saving and water, the thermostatic mixer and the thermostatic technology in general become a valuable tool for the prevention of domestic accidents because they avoid the risk of accidental burns.


The bathroom is a particularly dangerous environment for the presence of moisture on the floor, on the walls or diffused in the air, for this reason it is necessary extreme caution in order to avoid any trauma due to slipping (see 8).
This is what it is written in the proposed Legge Regionale 307 of November 20, 2012 submitted to the Consiglio Regionale del Piemonte on "Protection of health and safety in the hom " ( promoter Luigi Cursio).
The overall incidence of slipping, falls and injuries in the bathroom make up the vast majority of medical consultation or ER arrival and have become a serious medical and social problem. It affects people of all ages, as shown in the preceding pages, children, seniors, adults, men and women in different percentages but still so relevant.

A very useful publication (see 9) that tracks very important guidelines for preventing falls in the home environment recommends some devices whose presence is absolutely essential in the bathroom to prevent any risk of falling or slipping. Bathrooms must have:
handles to give support and to prevent falls
seats for bathtubs and showers
non-slip mats in the bathtub, in the shower trays and on the floors
(see 10)

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